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We issue same-day notification of new decisions, with links to the complete text on our website.

Frequency: up to twice daily.

Registered organisations

Major cases

We issue updates on major cases before the Commission that are likely to be of significant interest to the public.


For awards, you can select ‘all’ to receive updates on all modern awards, or choose the individual awards you are interested in. There are 2 ways you can be notified:

  1. All matters: you will be notified when any documents about your chosen awards are published on our website. This includes when an application is made to change an award or when we start a review of an award. Documents we publish include applications, notices of hearings or conferences, submissions and decisions.
    Frequency: as needed
  2. Updates to award content only: you will be notified only when the content of your chosen award or awards is changed.
    Frequency: as needed

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